Representative APR 1272% (Variable)

Representative Example: Borrow £250 for 90 days. Total amount repayable is £411.63. Fixed interest rate of 292% per year.

No Broker Direct Lenders Credit Check Loans

Credit score check is always perform by the direct lenders, who are processing the loan form. Brokers or online loan search platform has no role in credit checks. When you submit your information with this web portal we do not check credit score of the applicant. Any one can apply here irrespective of credit score. If applicants credit score is good enough them loan acceptance chances are very high and also in reasonable interest rates. For poor credit borrowers, getting loan approval is not easy. Lenders take bad credit loans as high risk category of unsecured loans so they are not very willing to accept loans. If lenders agree to fund for poor score applicant they may charge higher interest rates.

After regulation of payday loans in UK, credit check become the part and partial of loan approval by the lenders. As per responsible lending policy every lender has to perform credit check to valuate his loan suitability. Other condition for loan approval is affordability of loan, means lender has to confirm about the present financial status of the borrower so that he can repay approved loan without any difficulty.

How to face Credit Check in Loans

It is very clear that you can not bypass the credit check in loans, so you should prepare for credit check loans with either direct lenders or brokers. If you have poor credit score then also no need to hide it. Payday loans are short duration loans and fully unsecured. Lenders only concern is if you will able to repay loan in due time schedule. If your present salary and savings are enough to adjust loan instalment then credit check can not stop you from lender's funding.

Poor credit score is not a permanent tag, you can change it to good score with time and good practices like timely loan repayment, increase your earnings and budget your expenses.

Over borrowing creates problems for both borrowers as well as lenders. If borrower find it difficult to repay loan on date, as these loans are costly one so there are chances of borrower to stuck in spiral trap of loan.

Lender will also make loss in this type of loan transactions, as he can not charge interest more than 0.8% per day and in any case he can not penalize him with amount more than 100% of original loan.

We at payday loan site are not a direct lender or a brokers, we simply provide online loan search service for this we charge no brokers fee and no credit check on your application. You are welcome to use our services 24/7 online from anywhere and bookmark this site if you find beneficial for payday loan's knowledge up gradation.

What to do if bad credit rating?

At any level if you find your credit rating is poor, do not panic and try to improve your score by following the tips given in How to improve bad credit?.

Representative Example: Borrow £250 for 90 days. Total amount repayable is £411.63 in 3 monthly instalments of £137.21. Fixed interest rate of 292% per year. 1272% APR Representative.

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